Turnstone Ecology
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Company Deatils

Turnstone Ecology Limited is registered in England, Number 7259365 and also VAT registered, Number 994540189

h & s

Turnstone Ecology Ltd is committed to the Health and Safety of its staff, clients and the public. We are a Worksafe Contractor and a Worksafe Consultant – qualifications achieved via independent audit by the Safety Management Advisory Service (a registered member of the Safety Schemes in Procurement), designed to demonstrate our Health and Safety competence in line with H&S legislation and Industry best practice.

Training and Qualifications

All senior Turnstone Ecology staff are full members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) with all staff working to the CIEEM Code of Professional Conduct. Staff training has included CSCS card, Basic Electrical Safety Competence (BESC) training, Personal Track Safety(PTS) and EUSR training.