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Directors Tristan Evans, Stephen Wilson and Mark Gash and Senior Ecologist Simon Parker are all experienced and committed ecologists. Within the company we have an expertise in all protected species as well as a specialism in birds and bats. We will ensure that you receive a professional and price-competitive service from Turnstone Ecology.

Tristan Evans

Tristan Evans, Principal Consultant

BSc Hons/MSc/MIEEM – Tristan is a principal consultant at Turnstone Ecology Limited and has 6 years experience as an ecological consultant. Prior to consultancy he worked within Natural England’s Birds Unit for 2 years, dealing with casework associated with birds and nationally protected areas. Tristan’s principal area of expertise is ornithology and has expert knowledge of all UK and European bird species and survey methodologies, including providing support survey on SPA sites such as the Power on the Mersey project and a variety of Wind Farm sites. Tristan has also gained experience in a wide range of protected species including bats, Great Crested Newts, Dormice, Badger, reptiles, Water Vole, Otter, Barn Owl and White-clawed Crayfish. He has carried out surveys for these species as well as producing management and mitigation plans including production of EPS applications.

Steve Wilson

Stephen Wilson, Principal Consultant

BSc Hons/MIEEM – Stephen Wilson has over 9 years of experience in ecological consultancy, planning and undertaking protected species surveys in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and overseas. Prior to consultancy, he led a team of fieldworkers during a 3-year University of Warwick study into the relationships between Badgers and Bovine TB, and worked for the RSPB undertaking breeding bird surveys on Salisbury Plain MOD land. Throughout his career, Stephen has developed his knowledge of a range of protected species outside of his employment and continues to undertake voluntary bird, butterfly and reptile surveys for local and national organisations. As a consultant Stephen has developed extensive knowledge of protected species survey, reporting, assessment, mitigation and management, particularly in relation to Badgers, Dormice, Otters, Water Voles, Great Crested Newts, reptiles and birds. He has excellent report writing skills and has written and contributed to a wide range of licence applications, method statements, EIAs and Appropriate Assessments ranging from small developments to major infrastructure projects.

Mark Gash

Mark Gash, Principal Consultant

BSc Hons/MIEEM – Mark is a principal consultant at Turnstone Ecology Limited. He has over 6 years of experience as an ecological consultant prior to which he worked as a countryside manager for 8 years and has proven working experience of conservation and habitat management and restoration of all major habitat types in England. Mark has managed various projects concerning all aspects of ecological consultancy required for residential, commercial and industrial development, including primary infrastructure projects and pipelines. During his time as a consultant time he has been responsible for organising survey teams, collection and interpretation of data, report writing and EIA, collision risk and appropriate assessment. Mark has also represented both consultancies and clients at meetings with stakeholders, consultees and members of the public. He has a wealth of experience in the renewables sector and has spent the last 2 ½ years managing the ornithological surveys and reporting for the 60MW Frodsham wind.